Case Study

The Case of the slow software development team


The Situation

The executive team was quite frustrated. The competition was catching and sometimes passing their company.

The software development organization seemed slow and expensive. On top of that, defects in the software were an embarrassment that the customers were very unhappy about.

Meanwhile the software development team composed of about 40 people had a sinking morale.

What Alan Did

Alan worked with the organization to quickly identify the barriers to speed and more importantly, what the real potential of the team could be.  This was a complex engagement with many moving parts. The following are the critical actions that started the solution in motion.

  1. Alan showed the software team how to measure the speed of the software process. They used control code and examples compared to the current state code. It was clear that with investment they could go a minimum of 10 times faster.
  2. With Alan’s guidance, the team identified the critical code to replaced.
  3. The team also built a business case for upgrading tooling that would lead to the fastest speed to value.
  4. Alan worked with management to identify the right team and structure to invest in creating the future foundation of software and process for the organization.
  5. Alan focused everyone on the speed to value!
  6. Alan coached the new team to a successful conclusion.

The Results

The team achieved far better results then management or the team expected.

They were able to add new features to the code base in less than a week that had taken two months with the previous code base.

Creating features that were impossible before were now not just possible, but quickly created and deployed.

Further, the morale of the team was now very high and attracting new talent to the organization.

They were far better than 10 times faster.

They were fast and accelerating.

Additional Case Studies

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