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LEAD WITH SPEED™ Workshop & Mentoring Series 

High speed is great. Speed also leads to the most spectacular crashes. High speed is great. However, acceleration wins races. These statements are true in racing and in business.

The ability for a business to win at high speeds without crashing is directly connected to the ability of those in front to lead with speed and continually accelerate the speed and power of their leadership. This workshop series is designed to help leaders do just that.

About the Series:

  • Each workshop is a customized event.
  • Each workshop included pre-work and is followed up with coaching that is tailored to the skills and needs of individual leaders.
  • The entire workshop series is structured not to “show and tell” but learn, discuss and immediately apply. Each workshop is designed to LEAD WITH SPEED!
Master Your Leadership “Force”

Master Your Leadership “Force”

Force in physics is Mass times Acceleration. 

This is also true for leadership.

The key to greatly enhancing your value as a leader is your ability to accelerate the whole of an organization.

Leadership force never comes from a title or a formal position.

It comes from the mindset within you.

It comes from the skills to be able to bring others with you on the journey of exceptional.

The Leadership Acceleration Engine

The Leadership Acceleration Engine

The keys to growing and thriving as a business hinges on great leadership.
Being a great leader hinges on the ability to constantly, learn and implement new skills, to continuously improve as a leader.
This workshop focuses on putting into place for every individual, and as a team, the key skills for learning and improving faster.
At constant acceleration, one can reach light speed leadership.

Make the Exceptional Leadership Choice

Make the Exceptional Leadership Choice

Fantastic. Amazing. Wow. Exceptional.
People can always tell the difference between the good and the exceptional.
The first thing to know about exceptional leadership is that it is a choice.
How to make that choice is a challenge.
Learn how to do make the exceptional choice in this intensive experiential workshop.

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