“Welcome to Sherwood!” — Robin Hood

Father’s Day was a delight for me.

My family treated me a number of fun things. I was served breakfast in a hammock. I was treated to a delicious cold milkshake at a local ice-cream shop. My daughter and I have a plan to go buy some comic books.

And my eldest son took me to a screening of the 1938 movie version of Robin Hood.

One of the extra treats that came with the Robin Hood movie was the special introduction by one of our local celebrities, David Moreland.

David put the movie in the context of when it was first shown in 1938. At that point, the Great Depression had been going on for almost a full decade. David provided a texture to the time period of both fear and of hope.

He encouraged us to imagine how the audience felt when Robin Hood appears with the joyous performance by Errol Flynn.

Indeed, when Robin Hood said “Welcome to Sherwood” the whole audience clapped and cheered. Our audience was connected to the audiences in 1938.

This also put Father’s Day in a new frame for me. My own father grew up during the Great Depression. None of us are not that far removed from that time period.

It is a gift that those who have come before us have worked to make the world a better place.

It is a gift, that we as fathers, parents, and leaders have a responsibility to pay forward.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,

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