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I’m so excited about the launch of my new book, LEAD WITH SPEED!

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I’m happy to report that the early reviews show that the work I put in has the value I was hoping for. Scroll down for a sampling of what people are saying and the special offers I have created. 
“In today’s marketplace where technology is available to everybody, the secret sauce to success is to deliver on time, within the scope agreed, with high quality. Lead With Speed provides an actionable roadmap to achieve this mission.” M. Hernandez

Executive Engineering Director, Continental

“If you think you are going as fast as you can, think again. Alan’s book Lead With Speed shows you how not just to own your organizational accelerator, but how to push it to the floor.” Nick Giovas

Head of Systems and Software Program Management, Aptiv

LEAD WITH SPEED Pre-Order Deals:

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  • With Option #1 you’ll get Free admission to ‘The Mindset for Leading with Speed’, a special live webinar (date TBD)*. During this special one-time event, I will provide additional insights on leading with speed that go beyond the book. Our focus will be on the ‘how-to’ of achieving self-mastery of the mindset for speed with special emphasis on “what can you do right now.”

    *A recording will be available if you can’t make that time.

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  • Free admission to ‘The Mindset for Leading with Speed’, a special live webinar (date TBD).  
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  • PLUS an additional signed copy of Lead With Speed AND my first book, Leading the Unleadable

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  • Free admission to ‘The Mindset for Leading with Speed’, a special live webinar detailed in option 1.  
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  • Signed copies of Lead With Speed AND my first book, Leading the Unleadable
  • A 1-hour webinar for the audience of your choosing, designed specifically for you. The audience could be just you or a large group of people from your organization. (Extraordinary value!)


“I very much enjoyed reading your new book, Lead with Speed!  As a senior manager with over 30 years of experience in the industry, the problems you tackle ring true.  The book is insightful and inspiring with practical, high-value wisdom that so many organizations and their leaders will benefit from. There is food for thought and fuel for action on almost every page.” Stephen Shook

Director of Software Engineering & Quality, Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc.

“Alan combines the rare abilities to listen, to see and to guide.  He listens deeply to all that is shared, verbally and otherwise.  He sees beyond a given situation and into the dysfunctional systems that inevitably create one challenge or another.   He guides not with pat advice or simplistic answers, but towards the perspective and insight needed to act.  Walk the road he offers and you will listen more carefully, see systems more clearly, and ultimately guide your team to better results.” Tim Lancaster

Executive Vice President of Product Development, Indigo BioAutomation

“In these challenging times, it is even more critical to use timely innovation to improve our engineering speed to product delivery. Alan Willett’s book, Lead With Speed, contains valuable wisdom you can and should use right now to accelerate the realization of the innovation goals that will outpace our adversaries.” Rick Kelly

4.7 Weapons and Energetics Department Chief Engineer, NAVAIR

“In reviewing all the software development methodologies and data through the years, it is obvious that some methods stand out above others. Unfortunately, sometimes the methodologies obscure the guiding principles under them.  In Alan Willett’s Lead With Speed these principles, or as Alan calls them, Immutable Laws of Speed, are made absolutely clear.  Read this book and learn the laws. When you master them, you will master the speed of your teams.”   Capers Jones

founder, VP and CTO, Namcook Analytics LLC

An organization can only move as quickly as its leaders. Get your ideas, plans, and needs disseminating quickly from the top down.

LEAD WITH SPEED provides a comprehensive guide to:

  • Develop the mind-set required for leading with speed

  • Discern the critical differences between slow and fast projects

  • Notice what you as a leader need to do to create those differences

  • Create a targeting system for speed

  • Get whole groups of people working together to create organizational speed

  • Lead the exceptional few to be the catalyst for accelerating your organization

Interested in a Book Talk, Guest Blog or Event?

Interested in a Book Talk, Guest Blog or Event?