BE Exceptional

The Exceptional Engineer Experience is an intense on-the-job series of learning evolutions guided by expert mentors.

The Exceptional Difference

A good engineer does good work and puts in a solid effort. However, there is a significant difference between good and exceptional!

  • The Exceptional Engineer is constantly improving their engineering ability.
  • The Exceptional Engineer leads the charge in transforming themselves, the team, and the whole organization into delivering high-performance engineering results.
  • The Exceptional Engineer is a force multiplier for excellence.

The difference between the good and the exceptional has valuable results. The difference is priceless because it is such a rare find.


Now accepting applications from those who dare to be exceptional


Our graduates are pushing the boundaries of excellence and reporting incredible results. 



One graduate reported improvements of predictability in planning resulting in a transition from constant late deliveries to on-time high-quality deliveries.


10x faster

An Exceptional Engineer graduate reported that working with management and teammates, they were able to improve productivity and speed by 10x.


Improved Response

Another exceptional engineer reported successfully working with their team to bring the response time on critical issues from a 17.5-day average to a 2.7 day average.

Further details on our stunning early results or to speak with a graduate, get in touch.

“The Exceptional Engineer℠ Experience enabled me to have much greater control over my projects, commitments, and ability to deliver high-quality results.

Since completion, I have been awarded many times by the CTO and CEO.

Most importantly, I have been rewarded with greater responsibility for important and challenging engineering projects.

Emilia Vanderwerf

Software Engineer, Early Pioneer of Exceptional Engineer, Catchpoint

“Alan combines the rare abilities to listen, to see and to guide. He listens deeply to all that is shared, verbally and otherwise. He sees beyond a given situation and into the dysfunctional systems that inevitably create one challenge or another. He guides not with pat advice or simplistic answers, but towards the perspective and insight needed to act.  Walk the road he offers and you will listen more carefully, see systems more clearly, and ultimately guide your team to better results.

Tim Lancaster

Executive Vice President of Product Development, Indigo BioAutomation

Key Program Design Principles

The following key design principles combine in ways that augment the power of each.

A strong focus on immediate application to you and your job

Best-in-breed practices (methodology agnostic) tailored to the context of your job

Rapid feedback loops

Expert mentoring

Personal data providing powerful insights

The language of exceptional engineers

Challenging experiences for those who want to be exceptional

A community of engineers focused on mastering the exceptional

Exceptional Engineer Graduates

Create exceptional products in function and quality.

Know What Excellence Is

This may seem obvious, but it is not. Master the difference between good and great in products and services.

Irresistible Inspiration

Exceptional engineer graduates share their personal drive to win with the rest of their team

Communication Expertise

Graduates are experts at providing briefs to engineers, executives, and customers in ways that help others understand and be inspired

Expert Mess Fixers

Exceptional Engineer graduates are exceptional at identifying and fixing messes that they inherit from others

Prevent Messes

Exceptional engineer graduates design and lead work to prevent messes

Rapid Learners

Graduates are masters of rapid learning for what they need to know to tackle new missions

Expect Excellence

Exceptional Engineer Experience graduates inspire everyone to strive for excellence in process and results

Get Things Done

Exceptional engineer graduates accomplish big things in spite of risks and barriers

Speed Mastery

Graduates are masters of the 21 Immutable Laws of Speed, the first of which drives them all

*Immutable law of speed #1

You own the accelerator for the speed of your own work and those you lead.

What Participants will Do

The Exceptional Engineer Experience is conducted virtually with 10-20 participants in each cohort. Participants will experience:


Bi-Weekly Teleconferences and Lectures

  • Lectures augment pre-read materials by exploring the principles in applications to challenging situations
  • Discussions will be based on case studies from real engineering projects that have dealt with significant issues
  • All discussions will focus on how these issues impact the participants and their current situations

Engage with World-class Online Forums

  • Accepted participants will receive immediate access to materials ranging from introductory to expert level content.
  • The forums will also provide direct access to expert mentors. 
  • Mentors will provide challenging questions.
  • Mentors will provide expert guidance to the challenges you are facing on the job.

Unique Process Dashboard Subscription

1 year subscription to a unique personal project management software tool suite. This is a special version of the Process Dashboard tailored specifically for the Exceptional Engineer Experience.

The Process Dashboard integrates project management, quality management, engineering measurement, process modeling and excellence into a seamless personal experience.

The Process Dashboard chief architect will be available to answer questions and provide guidance to Experience participants.


Complete six Evolutions of mastery


Mentors will guide participants through six evolutions of mindset and skill:

  • Evolution 1:  Master making commitments you keep and beat
  • Evolution 2:  Master quality methods that drive speed to value
  • Evolution 3:  The Design Challenge
  • Evolution 4:  Be the Exceptional Engineer
  • Evolution 5:  Become the Force Multiplier
  • Evolution 6:  Capstone Challenge
find the right fit

Program Options

The Exceptional Engineer Experience – Accelerate Mastery

Tier 1 provides everything program participants need to accelerate mastery and become the Exceptional Engineer.

  1. Six guided evolutions of challenges across six months.
  2. Led by world-class experts. Alan Willett and other experts in engineering will provide the experience that will set the stage for the rest of the participants’ careers.
  3. One-on-one sessions with experts at critical junctures of the evolutions.
  4. Teleconferences every other week with lectures and challenging conversations.
  5. Access to expert level processes, templates, and tools.
  6. Challenging assignments applied directly to the job that enable immediate learning and application.
  7. Online forums that give each participant immediate access to other program participants and expert mentors.
  8. A one-year subscription to a special version of the Process Dashboard specifically customized for this program. This is a unique, world-class tool that enables an integrated experience in personal project management, process definition, quality management, and powerful data-based feedback loops.
  9. Kick-off and graduation virtual round-table sessions with invited guests (managers, executives) from the organizations who sponsor the participants.
  10. Free e-book versions of the associated reference books.

Successful graduates will be listed on the Exceptional Engineer Website.

The fee for 2021 will be posted soon.

Pioneer Program Bonuses! 

  • There will be 1000s more participants in 2021 and beyond.
  • There can only be a few that are first.  
  • This offering is for the Pioneer Program and is limited to very few participants.  

The graduates from this round of the program also receive the following bonuses:

  • Will be listed first on the Website as program Pioneers.
  • Pioneers will also be honored in the forthcoming “Exceptional Engineer” book by Alan Willett
  • Pioneers will receive a 20% discount on the future offerings of “Exceptional Engineer Post-Graduate Program” and “Exceptional Engineer Instructor Training”

Ensure that Mastery “Sticks”

Option 2 contains all the value of option 1 with additional post-graduation support.  The additional support ensures mastery continues to grow to become a life-time habit of excellence.  Option 2 includes the following valuable additions.

  1. Additional four months of “Call Alan.”  Alan and other selected experts will be available whenever you hit a problem or opportunity.  Calls will be returned within two business hours.
  2. At graduation, Alan will provide those that select option 2 a personalized booster kit.  He will work with you to help you develop your personal and career goals — and the path forward.
  3. At the end of the additional four months, Alan will work with you to evaluate your progress and update your personalized booster kit.
  4. During these four months, Alan will work with you to develop an article that enables you to share your learnings.  This will be published on the Exceptional Engineer website.

The fee for 2021 will be posted soon.

Advanced Project Mentoring

Option 3 contains all the value of Options 1 and 2 and Alan providing specialized mentoring focused on the project the participants are working on.

  1. Alan will drive (facilitate) the first instance of new types of processes being introduced by the Exceptional Engineer Experience for the participant’s team.  He will role model how it should be done.
  2. Participants invite Alan to shadow subsequent meetings. Alan will provide feedback on how to improve the process and product.
  3. Alan will hold additional round-table sessions with teammates, managers, and executives to help apply principles from the Exceptional Engineer Experience to the project in a way that works right now.
  4. Alan will review project documents, designs, plans, and provide direct feedback.
  5. Participants that choose option 3 often set up a regular cadence of 1-1 meetings with Alan to provide a sounding board and on-the-job coaching.

The fee for 2021 will be posted soon.

The Application Process:

The Exceptional Engineer℠ Experience

This path is not for everyone.

Choosing the exceptional path is not always easy.

It is not easy to create high-quality, high-value products.

The path calls for the extra effort to reach for the high bar.

Being on an exceptional journey often means standing out from the rest while pushing for the best way to the speed to value.

It means standing proud in the bright lights of projects.

It means that you hold the bar high for yourself and others.

Taking control means taking responsibility.

With this control, you will have the power to make a significant positive difference for yourself and your teams.

Apply to start your journey

Exceptional Engineer Experience Application Request

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