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We focus on providing clear, fast solutions to problems that produce lasting results.

Alan Willett is an expert at combining process, content, and ideas into solutions.

His unique skills are best illustrated in our case studies.

Empowering People

Alan provides consulting and coaching from executives down to small teams and individual contributors.

Improving Performance

Alan has mastered the art of moving organizations out of stuck patterns to higher performance.

Shifting Culture

Alan has been described as a paradigm shifter of organizational cultural change and leadership.

Crossing Chasms

Alan offers strategic envisioning coupled with plans that cross the chasm between vision and implementation reality.

Leading the Unleadable

Alan has the background and the book for unlocking the gifts that mavericks, cynics, and divas should bring to organizations but often don’t.

Utilizing Friction

Alan is well known for being an  expert in high-pressure situations, especially dealing with high-tech product development and deployment.
“Our morale was suffering and overtime and heroics were the norm. With Alan’s consulting, we transformed into a highly productive, enjoyable organization where top talent lined up to join our team.
David VanEpps

Marketing Technology Direction, Acxiom

“Change is not easy but Alan can make it look like it is. Alan provided the trifecta of what we needed: breakthrough insights, relentless focus on VALUE, and the magic ability of getting buy-in with key stakeholders.
Don Sevey

Director of Information Technology, Cornell University

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“Alan has demonstrated a finely-tuned ability to perceive what we really need to understand and execute on in order to improve.  He has proven over and over again that he will listen deeply and collaborate for optimal success — magic happens!
Mer Boel

Leader of Data Analysis, Envisage Information Systems

“Alan is our go-to person whenever we hit trouble spots! He has transformed our messaging to be more dynamic, honed our offerings to be clear and compelling, and has vastly improved our development process
Elisabeth Jones, PhD

Director, GOBii

Case Studies

A Paradigm Shift in Leadership

A Paradigm Shift in Leadership

The CEO of a 500+ person high-tech development organization had recently hired a very strong CTO. He began to wonder if perhaps he was “too strong?” The CTO seemed to be doing the right things, but in doing so was upsetting many of organization’s employees.

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