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Dramatically improve your results with expert coaching.

Individuals who work with Alan achieve significant improvements in their leadership, performance results, and their careers. These improvements have an impact on all aspects of life inside and outside the office.


Master the Language of Leadership

Master the ability to deliver messages that will be acted upon as you master the language of leadership.

Remove FUD. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.)

Put aside self-doubt as you increase your confidence and accelerate your decision making power.

Own Your Leadership Game Clock

Too many leaders feel like a victim of their calendar. Change your mindset and your methods and own the day.

Set Expectations for Excellence

Leaders are too often surprised by the results they receive. It is often exactly what they (unknowingly) asked for. Learn to set expectations that lead to excellence.

Master the Skills to Lead with Style

You will face relentless challenges in your quests. Most of them are as predictable as snow in the arctic. Master a mindset to face those challenges with style.

Take a Paradigm Leap Forward

Many leaders have found that putting in the work with a great coach leads to a paradigm leap forward in their leadership mindset and results! What do you want to achieve?
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Coaching Options


This option provides unlimited access to Alan’s advice for 6 months. He will be a sounding board and provide you with clear guidance on options and opportunities

The Extra Push

Where the first option is based on the client reaching out to Alan, this option is designed for Alan to be the coach who provides that extra push. All the value of the Advisory option is included.

Exponential Growth

Those who have chosen this option are amongst the elite. This is designed for people who truly want to be exceptional leaders, and they don’t just want growth – they want acceleration.

Advisory Program Option Details

Time-frame 6 Months

The Advisory program starts with an extended phone (or video) meeting to understand your goals and your barriers as well as enablers to those goals. After that, you set the pace. You contact Alan when needed. Some people call often and some every couple of weeks. At the end of the 6 months, there will be an extended meeting to debrief and help set your goals for your next set of challenges.

Alan will provide you with written guidance on how to ensure the coaching program will be successful for you.

Alan will be very responsive. He will return phone calls and emails within 1 business day and usually much faster.

The fee for this option is $4,950 USD.

The Extra Push Program Option Details

Time-frame 6 Months

In addition to the features of option 1, this option is expanded such that:

  • Alan will provide expert guidance on how to create a plan for your goals. Together you will work to make a plan for success.
  • Mandatory phone calls will be scheduled every two weeks. You will continuously adjust your plan and your actions to ensure the success of your goals.
  • Although this is true in the Advisory option, this aspect has even more weight here. Alan will provide you with clear feedback if he feels you are off track. The feedback may be blunt, and it will be up to you to accept it or not.
  • In this option, Alan’s service will extend beyond normal business hours. You will discuss what is needed in the initial meeting with Alan and can adjust in the periodic meetings.
  • Alan will be constantly holding your goals high and providing you with the detailed coaching required to reach them.

The fee for this option is $9,500 USD.

Exponential Growth Program Option Details

Time-frame 9 Months

The following are the booster rockets that are added to the value offered in option 2.

  • The Immersion Kick-Off. We will start the exponential growth option with exceptional preparation.
    The following are the key elements:
    1.  The center of this immersion kick-off is one full day of coaching with Alan to kick off the 9-month experience.
      This will be in person with Alan. (The client is responsible for travel costs.)
    2.  You will partake in Alan Willett’s exclusive Leadership Assessment
    3.  You will be provided with pre-work to fully prepare for the full day with Alan.
  • Based on the Willett Leadership Assessment and the day’s discussions, Alan will provide a rigorous reading and viewing program. We will discuss to ensure the program fits in with your life and is sustainable. There will be discussions of the materials!
  • Alan will remotely shadow (fly on the wall) some the meetings you lead. He will provide feedback after the events.
  • Alan will review documents and other work products and provide detailed feedback. This feedback will take place within 1 business day.
  • Alan will provide critical question feedback with 2 hours from 6 AM to 9 PM Eastern.

The fee for this option is $16,500 USD.

Alan has been a wonderful mentor coach to me. He has always proactively guided me and given great advice in challenging situations that I have faced. He doesn’t just provide answers but shows how to apply critical thinking to complex situations.
Carl Wyrwa

Director of Quality, Beckman Coulter

Intelligent, chopping complexity into small bites in sophisticated ways, and always hopeful, Alan is the essence of a perfect consultant.
Sue Unger

Enterprise Operation, Financial Planning & Analysis, Xerox

Who Needs a Coach?

Everyone that stands on the Olympic Medal podium has a coach standing behind them.
This is just as true for exceptional leaders.
How do I choose the right coach?
First, consider the quality and results of the people coached.  This is a true test of a coach’s caliber.
Second, talk to the people you believe can be a good coach for you. Determine in that meeting if the coaching chemistry is right for you.
Which coaching option is right for me?
The factors to consider are:

  1.  What are your goals?
  2. How close are you to achieving your goals?
  3. How fast you want to get there?
Alan is one of the most talented individuals who I have every known. He is a great motivator, project manager, problem solver, and a truly wonderful person.
David Scherb

Business Manager , Software Engineering Institute

Alan is one of the best consultants in the world. He has coached me and mentored me long before the “Mentor Coaching” concept was around. Anyone who engages Alan is lucky to experience his magic.
Said Nurhan

Visiting Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University

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