Master project management in Automotive

Development of high technology innovations in automotive is different.

Honor the difference!  A mastery training with Alan Willett and Kugler Maag CIE.

This training provides leadership with how master those differences on projects in this high-pressure, high-stakes environment.


The vast majority of project management and agile training is generic. At best, they do “hand-waving” at those differences. The most successful project leaders don’t just understand those differences, they master the leadership of using those differences to deliver superior results.

This training is custom made to provide leadership with the advantage of that mastery.

The Training Focus is on the Critical Automotive Differences


Own the Deadlines You Cannot Miss!

Most software projects in the world have soft deadlines. If teams miss them, things just get delayed.  In Automotive, you will hit the deadlines imposed by the OEM.  We will provide the methods and experiences that enable your success.

Avoid the Lost Revenue of Missed Deadlines

For example, in a “3 year refresh” for a vehicle if you miss the deadline it is often not deferred revenue it is often LOST revenue.

Do not miss.


AGILE wasn’t designed for Automotive; You Must Adjust!

How do you get the benefits of Agile when Agile was not designed for Automotive? Many say “Agile just works in any situation.” This is never true. It must always be adjusted to the situation. The Tier One environments call for mastery level adjustments to achieve the benefits.

The training provides the guidance you need on how to quickly make the right adjustments for your environment.


OEM Requirements Will Be Fluid; Handle it with Style!

Requirements change. This is very true of OEMs as well.  Those changes coupled with brick-wall deadlines can cause much leadership stress. Learn to handle this with style.

Quality is a Must! Deliver Quality with CONFIDENCE.

Many software teams can just put a patch on the web. In automotive, there is always a risk of recall. The Agile methods and trainings do not respect this.  Learn how to get the benefits of Agile methods without the cost of quality failures.

Safety and Security are a Must!

It is rare project leadership training that addresses the special nuances of safety and the emerging needs of data security.  Our training prepares leaders for dealing with rapidly escalating pressures of safety and security.

Make Automotive-SPICE (and other standards compliance) with less disruption.

More OEMs are requesting and even requiring Automative-SPICE level 3 ratings and other compliance models.

This often leads to additional non-value added paper-work.

Our training integrates the key things leaders must know in order to be successful on the project and in the assessments.

Unlock the mysteries of leading high-tech development in automative.

Workshops in this Series:

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“Alan has been a wonderful mentor coach to me. He has always proactively guided me and given great advice in challenging situations that I have faced. He doesn’t just provide answers, but shows how to apply critical thinking to complex situations.
Carl Wyrwa

President, CW Software Solutions, Inc.

“The Kugler Maag  courses met and sometimes exceeded all my expectations, providing brilliant insights I will definitely use in my work, and making me more capable and confident for leading in my company.”
Victoriya Amelina

Engineering Manager, Cypress Semiconductor

About The Instructors


This course was co-developed and co-marketed between Alan Willett and the Automotive Experts at Kugler Maag CIE.


Alan Willett, Alan Willett Consulting

Alan Willett has coached multiple complex teams to high performance.  Yes, they finished on time and on budget. That is not enough. They also delivered high quality and showed their clients it is possible to go faster!

Peter Abowd, CEO of Kugler Maag CIE North America

Peter has over 30 years of experience in high technology development in Automative.  He knows what works and what doesn’t work.  The workshops he leads are dynamic experiences where people can take their new found knowledge and immediately apply on the job.

The more experience people have, the more value participants will receive from this workshop.  This training provides the skills and special ingredients you need to lead successful projects in the complex world of high technology development in automative.


Typically a 3-Day commitment.  (Note there are customization options)
find the right fit
Choose From 3 Options towards Mastery

This option includes the following values.

  • This is not an “Agile 101 course” nor a “here is how to dot the ‘i’ in Auto-SPICE.”
    • This workshop focuses on the mastering project management in respect to the critical automotive differences detailed above.
    • Participants will exit the workshop ready to apply their newly acquired skills to their work.
    • Participants will know what it takes to make successful projects.
  • Both Alan Willett and Peter Abowd will lead this workshop bringing years of experience and wisdom.
  • The workshop will be held for a minimum of 5 participants and up to 20 participants.
  • The workshop will be held for 3 days.
  • Pre Workshops Mindset Preparation
    • Detailed, useful guidance will be provided to workshop preparation for preparation.
    • Participants get the best results when they properly prepare to be able to immediately use what they learn.
    • The preparation materials will include a small amount of reading and a small number of questions for consideration.
  • Post-Workshop Booster Engines
    • Too often the “real-world” overwhelms workshop learnings. We shall not let that happen!
    • We provide a post-workshop booster engine at just the right time in the month following the workshop.

Continental USA Fee for this option is $22,000 USD.   

  • Note: Cost of travel and lodging is additional to this fee.
  • International clients please inquire about how we can make this workshop work for you!

See Option 2 For More Value!

Option 2 has all the value of option 1, with some additional sizzle just for your organization.

In addition to the features of option 1, this option is expanded such that:

  • Alan and Peter will tailor the workshop to your unique needs.
    • We will interview workshop sponsors and selected to participants to understand your unique needs.
    • We will tailor the workshop to your needs.
  • We will work with key executives to understand the specific needs and challenges you face.
    • The workshop will include the special feature of a kick-off by those executives to ensure people understand the specific learning objectives the executives expect.
    • The workshop will conclude with presentations by participants to the executives.
  • Pre-workshop Customizations.
    • The preparation materials provided to participants will be tailored to organizational needs.
    • We will hold a teleconference with workshop participants to fully prepare them for the workshop experience.
  • Post-workshop Support.
    • We will interview a selection of participants to understand the challenges being faced over the next six weeks post-workshop.
    • We will hold a teleconference six weeks following the workshop.
    • The teleconference will be focused on ensuring the key challenges are addressed and overcome.
  • We will be holding your goals high and providing you with the guidance required to reach them.

Continental USA Fee for this option is $35,000 USD.

  • This fee includes all the value of option 1 and 2.
  • Travel  and lodging is additional to this fee.
  • International clients please inquire about how we can make this workshop work for you!

See Option 3 For More Value!

The following are the booster rockets of value that are added to the value offered in option 2.  This option ensures that mastery sticks.  In fact, it ensures that all participants continue to learn and improve – to accelerate!

  • This option provide all workshop participants and their sponsors access to advisory coaching for five (5) months from Alan and Peter.
    • Participants set the pace.
    • You contact Peter or Alan when needed.
    • Question will be answered the same day.
    • We will review documents and other work products and provide detailed feedback. This feedback will take place within 2 business days.
  • We will provide 4 teleconferences.
    • The teleconferences will provide guidance on the key common issues that came up during advisory coaching.
    • The teleconferences will take place approximately one per month.
  • We will hold one final workshop day focused to ensure everyone is prepared to continue to accelerate.
    • This will be scheduled about 5-6 months following the initial workshop.
    • We will have identified your top barriers in the months of coaching and teleconferences.
    • We will provide recommendations and actions plan to overcome those barriers.
    • Participants will leave with personal action plans to ensure success.
  • This fee includes all the value of option 1 and 2 and 3.
  • Travel and lodging is additional to this fee.
  • International clients please inquire about how we can make this workshop work for you!

Continental USA Fee for this option is $49,000 USD.

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