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An organization can only move as quickly as its leaders. LEAD WITH SPEED shows you how to get your ideas, plans, and needs disseminated quickly from the top down. Up your game and LEAD WITH SPEED.

The control-freak, the narcissist, the slacker, the cynic…

Difficult people are the worst part of a manager’s job. What sets great managers apart is the ability to turn these problem personalities into productive team players. Prepare to transform the troublesome into the tremendous with LEADING THE UNLEADABLE.

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It’s Time to Increase the Speed! We challenge you to think beyond the short term for yourself and your organization and can’t wait to help you achieve maximum results!


Actual Client Results

Speed to Market

The client had a market lead but was losing it. Working with Alan, the organization achieved a 10 fold increase in development velocity.

Speed to Value

Marketing and engineering were constantly at odds. Working with Alan, they transformed their friction points into a development acceleration engine.

Speed to growth

The majority of leaders who work with Alan hold higher level positions within one year of beginning their engagement with him.

Speed to mastery

The CEO was distressed about his CTO being “well hated.” Alan’s work with them transformed the CTO into a beloved leader of an organizational transformation.

Speed to Strategy

The organization was acting like as if it was in survival mode and not seizing opportunities. Alan’s work with the executive team led to a strategic shift that transformed behaviors and results.

Speed to profit

Alan transformed how a technical team was approaching its messaging and its offers to the marketplace. The result, their biggest revenue project ever with the bonus of their biggest margin.


The Leadership Accelerator

Alan Willett coaches individuals, leaders, and groups to a new level of leadership power and increases their speed to value. Get in touch to discuss the best options for you and your organization.

In my 25 years of running a business, Alan is the best consultant I have hired for bringing together people and process. He has a way to bring people together to own the issues and make the changes that are necessary for improvement.

Steff McGonagle

CEO, Envisage Information Systems

Alan is our go-to person whenever we hit trouble spots! He has transformed our messaging to be more dynamic, honed our offerings to be clear and compelling, and has vastly improved our development process

Elisabeth Jones, PhD

Director, GOBii

Happy Clients

Workshop Participants

Countries Worked In

Every work setting has its share of mavericks, cynics, divas and other difficult people… The difference between success and failure is figuring out how to mold these challenging (and smart) people into one team with a common focus. I recommend this book!

Richard Harris

VP Software Engineering, GE Digital

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General Motors


Gorges Software

Harland Clarke Holdings

Hewlett Packard


Joburg Centre for Software Engineering




Naval Oceanographic Office




Orbital ATK

Par Tech

Pearson Education

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Protein Data Bank


Software Engineering Institute

Technologico De Monterrey





Alan provides unique guidance on how to handle the personality quirks that become big problems for the rest of the organization. He goes well beyond the reaction to how to prevent the problems from emerging the first time.

Pedro Castro Henriques

CEO, Strongstep

Alan’s knowledge of software development and ways to improve productivity, estimation, and quality have helped me succeed in every role to date. His mentoring has provided a benchmark for how I approach difficult situations.

David Howerton

Project Manager, Oracle

The Lead With Speed (SM) Manifesto

As leaders, we must have the patience and the persistence of ultra-marathoners and when needed (which is often) the speed of a sprinter.

This implies a calm endurance, and mindset for the long run.

It also means that we must be able to put on bold bursts of speed. And to do so, while maintaining our energy, joy, and our very selves for the long run.

The Alchemist Elements of Speed

It is always about Speed to Value, not the Value of Speed itself.
Provide the Inspiring Why For Yourself, Your customers, and those you lead.
Lead with a constancy of purpose towards the inspiring WHY even on days that you must trudge.
Exponentially build trust to build exponential speed.
Gather speed and value from the “SHRAPNEL OF FAILURE”
Create meaningful measures. Design and build your leadership speedometer.
Be a “Time Lord”. Own the game clock.
Speed is good. Acceleration wins.
Create a leadership learning acceleration engine for yourself and those you lead.
Master the immutable laws of speed to master your leadership force.

Case Studies

A Paradigm Shift in Leadership

A Paradigm Shift in Leadership

The CEO of a 500+ person high-tech development organization had recently hired a very strong CTO. He began to wonder if perhaps he was “too strong?” The CTO seemed to be doing the right things, but in doing so was upsetting many of organization’s employees.

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